Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How's this for a little truth?

Ok I tried, I really did. I went on a search today to see if I could find something positive the Republican party has done or is doing for US citizens.  The bad far outweighed the good (of which I found none). 

Yesterday the GOP, sold us out once again to the big oil companies. Not just a little sell out a $53 BILLION dollar sellout. Shortly after proposing draconian cuts to services and programs that Americans depend on every single day, the GOB voted UNANIMOUSLY to protect big oil subsidies. It doesn't matter if former Shell CEO John Hoffmeister recently said big oil doesn't need subsidies, the GOP did it anyway. SCREW the American people! Big oil companies NEED their protection! 

I noticed Fox News didn't broadcast this story. It might taint the image of those the viewers worship. I understand why they don't broadcast these things now. It's easier to keep their loyal fan base in the dark even if it means they are hurting them in the process. NOW THAT'S HONORABLE! I can see why so many people trust them! Ignorance surely is bliss. 

Back to the big oil companies. 

Democrats offered a motion to recommit, because after all, it's in the best interest of the people. Nope, no go. ALL Republicans along with a dozen or so Democrats voted in favor of protecting the oil companies. The $485 Billion in profits they've made from 2005-2009 just isn't enough, they need more. A similar vote two weeks ago to recoup $53 billion in tax payer dollars from big oil companies was turned down by republicans. 

Thanks GOP, I really believe you care for me. 

Usually when I present an article like this, the silence becomes deafening. Although many republicans will fight like cats to get their point across about how great their party is. When an indisputable FACT like this is revealed, they all go silent. Why? The party you've chosen to place your faith and loyalty in might REALLY be screwing you!  

You know what, I DARE you to give me ONE thing republicans are doing to help the people the same way they are helping their big oil, corporate friends. DO you have something comparable that they are doing "for the people"? I'd like to know what it is, because the argument that they are moral, want smaller government,  blah, blah, blah, and care just isn't cutting it. This party is going to be the death of America and those of you who support them had better wake up and take a GOOD, DEEP, LOOK at what is really happening within the GOP. STOP BEING PAWNS and promoting and supporting these thugs!!

Now.....who will accept my challenge? 

**Crickets chirping**

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