Tuesday, March 1, 2011

They Can't ALL Be That Dumb...Or Can They?

I recently posted a link on my Facebook wall which attracted quite a discussion. The article I linked to was: 

The Wisconsin Lie Exposed - Taxpayers Actually Contribute Nothing To Public Employee Pensions

I used to keep my opinions about these matters to myself because I didn't want to offend anyone, but every day, my republican "friends" had no problem posting things that offended me, so I figured..."what the hell?". You can only keep those kinds of frustrations bottled up for so long. Being that I live in a small southern town that is basically all republican, except for about 14 of us, I figured Facebook would be a good place to have a good debate and meet other "like minded" people. 

Back to the link above. SO there was the link I posted and everything started out pretty good. We were having a pretty civil discussion when the first republican popped up and said: 

"According to what I've heard, President Obama rallied the protesters and more are from other states than from here in Wisconsin."

OK, fair enough, if that's what you heard great... I responded with a request for a link to any resource that could confirm that statement...guess what she sent me? A Link to a Fox YouTube video.  GIVE ME A FRIGGING BREAK!!!  How can ANYONE listen to the utter bullshit they spew on Fox News and actually BELIEVE IT? Apparently they do and there are a lot of them! 

Not to sound biased, but I probably will, the Democrats and independents that were participating in this discussion had their act together. They made statements, intelligent ones, backed them up with resources and basically came across as intelligent and well informed. 

Enter Bill. I'll just call him Bill because I don't want to embarrass him any more than he embarrassed himself in front of my 4237+ Facebook friends. No matter what you said to Bill, he just kept repeating the same distorted, unfounded facts that were literally being repeated on Fox News! I even brought this to his attention and several other participants, one of them a Harvard Law Student, presented him with some good facts and back up. Bill was/is like a programmed Robot. He never took his focus off of the Fox News information and kept repeating, (albeit with a few insults thrown in for good measure here and there) what he'd been programmed to repeat. 

I came to the conclusion that people like Bill, Fox News Robots, and most republicans, are not informed...they are conditioned. Don't take my word for it. Discuss any controversial issue with one of these people then click on Fox News' website and you're sure to get the same answer, almost verbatim. 

I have yet to meet a republican that #1 doesn't hate the president (They don't know why they hate him, and the reasons they give are usually so far-fetched it's comical, but the conservative base hates knowing there is a black man in the White House.)  #2 That actually thinks for themselves. The people in this party are the reason why the term "sheeple" was coined. Seriously! They are really and truly like robots. They RARELY if ever give you an educated, well researched, thoughtful opinion. It's almost ALWAYS a repeat of Glenn Beck or Hannity. It's no wonder that allowing people like this to vote has resulted in the mess we've got today i.e. Wisconsin, financial crisis, etc. 

They've been so brainwashed to hate the other side all the while believing they are "god-fearing" christians that they have totally missed the points and don't even see the total conflict in their religious facade vs. the facts. They believe that capitalism is god's gift even though it keeps "his" people in total bondage to the elite, they vote politicians in because they SAY they are religious (Sarah Palin) and they have never even ONCE verified if what's being said is true. Sheeple. 

The one good thing that is beginning to result from this is the fact that people are starting to realize that something is amiss with the right. Most people I talk to have either left the republican party or they think they are a joke. This is good. More people are opening their eyes and that's what we need to overcome these zombies. 

So to all of my Democrat and Independent and NON republican friends... keep on keeping on people, keep exposing their stupidity,  mentally unstable people shouldn't be allowed to vote! Not only that, it's fun to make asses of their pious, arrogant, brainwashed, selves. :) 

Talk to you again soon! 

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