Friday, August 6, 2010

The Republican war on the Constitution

The article above just infuriates me...

Stop Messing with my Rights!!

I have the right to remain silent...or NOT!
I have the right to not want to read the Holy Bible.
I have the right to believe or not believe whatever I want with regards to religion or lack thereof.
I have the right to choose to have an abortion, it's my body. 
I have the right to say what I feel and think.
I have the right to post messages on my blog accusing republicans of being anti-American. 

I have a lot more rights but these are just a few that the right-wing fanatical Republicans of this country wish to strip from me.  How are they any different than the Taliban? They want their religion and their religion ONLY to be acceptable. Even though they have numerous sects and each of them deny the other is correct they want to force their "conservative" bullshit agenda down my throat and then scream and yell when someone tries to push the opposite. None of them can agree on who is right and who is wrong and who worships the right way and who is going to hell. And I'm going to be happy about this bunch of freaks choosing what I should believe and follow??? Not just NO, but HELL NO! 

What the hell is going on here? This is AMERICA! Since when do we let a group of Bible banging, fear-mongering, hypocrites, tell us what we can or can't do?!?  These people are nuts! 

For a party to who claims to be SOOOOO American they are attempting to SHRED the constitution to fit their screwed up agenda. Not because it is best for the people, but because it is best for THEM the politicians. AND THEN WHAT? WIll they follow to the "T" the laws and rules they so feverently want to push on the rest of us? I highly doubt it. I'm CERTAIN they won't! 

Enough of this political correct shit, get these crazy fuckers out of office before we're all forced to listen to and obey the Glenn Beck god. 

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